Wok Republic is an asian street food chain specializing in wok, noodle and rice dishes in frontal cooking with an open kitchen that pass an exciting experience of flavors, scents and colors as only the Asian markets know to do.
Wok Republic brings Asian street food directly to you, without filters. Real and fresh street food made from the finest raw materials from local markets.
Wok Republic‘s food meets you on the way somewhere or back from somewhere. Whether you sit there, on your bike, on the park bench or at home where you will meet our delivery service.

So go out and enter the street ...


Wok Republic menu has been carefully chosen to give you the best variety and flavors that represent the Asian street . 
We at Wok Republic know that the street is dynamic and interesting and therefore we give you the freedom to choose, add and change the ingredients of the dishes so that you can create new combinations and find solutions for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-sensitive.

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Like the street like Wok Republic, always changing and interesting according to the seasons or the mood, go and see what we‘ve renewed for you.

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Wok Republic offers a new franchise opportunity and expansion along with the brand. The first step is to read the introduction and then if you are interested, fill out the form and we will get back to you


Winter is coming and it's time to introduce you to our noodle soup collection ...

Tom Yam - rich Thai soup with chicken or seafood, rice noodles, coconut milk, mushrooms, vegetables, coriander and lime

Pho Bo-Aromatic Vietnamese soup with slices of beef, herbs, vegetables and rice noodles