Wok Republic is an Asian street food chain specializing in woks, noodles and rice in frontal cooking and an open kitchen.
Wok Republic brings Asian street food directly to the customer without filters. Real and fresh street food made from the finest raw materials from local markets.

The chain is characterized by a young and dynamic atmosphere and an unconventional design that enhances the customer experience and eating.
Wok Republic has no plates like conventional restaurants and the customer can choose whether to eat in the place, on the street, in the park or at home using the delivery service.

Wok Republic gives the customer a very high value for moeny.

Wok Republic was established four years ago in Tel Aviv by restaurateurs with 13 years of experience in Asian food and kitchens and employs hundreds of workers and forigen chefs from Thailand and China.

In 2017, the chain became international with the opening of the first branch in Belgrade and is currently working on opening two more branches in Serbia.
The chain headcourt have a lot of experience that provides financial support, purchasing, marketing and more, so that every franchisee who joins the chain enjoys maximum professional support.

Wok Republic branch locations are carefully selected, with an emphasis on areas of commercial, residential and entertainment with high visibility and traffic.

Our branch size ranging from 60-100 square meters allowing the construction and operation costs to be low and thus increase the profitability of the branch.


Wok Republic menu has been carefully selected to give the best variety and flavors that represent the Asian street in all its colors and shades.
Wok Republic menu is easy and convenient to operate by the franchisee.
We at Wok Republic know that the street is dynamic and interesting, so we give the customer the freedom to choose, add, subtract and change the ingredients of the dishes so that he can create new combinations and find vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-sensitive solutions.
The chain works with the largest food suppliers on the market, providing daily basis the raw materials to the chain's branches, thus maintaining the uniform freshness and quality of the ingredients.
The suces are unique to the Wok Republic and the franchisee gets them ready for work, which makes the kitchen work easier and improves their efficiency and profitability.
The customer at Wok Republic sees before his eyes the whole process of preparing the dish from the moment of the order until the moment it cooked at the wok and seraved to him.


The turnover of the restaurant industry is estimated at 8 billion NIS in a year.
In recent years there has been a tendency to move to a more limited and focused menu, such a menu requires less professional chefs working on a smaller number of types of dishes. In addition, such a reduction saves the storage of raw materials, as well as saves the depreciation of such quantities directly proportional to the quantity and processing of the inventory.
The restaurants on the one hand and suppliers on the other, understood that the industry must raise the bar of professionalism of those who engage in it. Mainly in the field of kitchen, procurement and logistics, service management, advertising and more.
At the same time, the world trend is growing stronger for healthy food that does not skip the fast-food market. The prevailing assumption in the market is that the health food trend will continue to grow in the coming years.
Today's customers place emphasis on spending for food and recreation and look for places to give them the most value for their money.
In recent years, a world trend has begun to seep into the opening of street restaurants by leading chefs who bring the knowledge and standards of the chef's restaurants to restaurants that offer upgraded street food at an attractive price.
The restaurant industry is characterized by the highest opening and closing rates in the economy. One of the reasons for this is the image that in the restaurant industry it is possible to make a lot of money quickly without experience and professional knowledge.
To be part of restaurant's chain improves the restaurant survival ability in the light of ongoing support and prevention of management errors and the use of a brand name that helps the franchisee start from a better point, which creates an advantage in competition. Several large and franchising networks operate in this branch, providing assistance and professional advice to the entrepreneur.

Why Wok Republic?


So what is the schedule?


  • Fill out and submit the online application form
  • Examination of the form by the management of the chain and determination of candidacy interview


  • Candidate interview 
  • To set up a follow-up meeting if the candidate is found suitable
  • Signing a franchise agreement and transferring the payment of the franchise fee


  • Finding location for a branch or selecting an existing location
  • Making architectural plan and the start building the place
  • starting apprenticeship in one of the chain branchs
  • Getting chain book


  • Recruitment employees and foreign chefs
  • Testing the branch
  • Open to the public
  • Monitoring  by the chain